The Final Box of the 2022 Season-November 16th/17th and Bulk Items


We made it! Thank you for joining us this season.

Because this is our last week bring a bag, box or basket to put you veggies in so you can leave your crop box at the drop location or be sure to bring your crop box back to your drop location before Thanksgiving. We will make a final box pick up right after Thanksgiving. We try to get them rounded up and put away for next season as soon as possible. The crop boxes are expensive and actually very hard to acquire. We have been on a waiting list for two years for the smaller boxes. So it is very important that we get them all rounded up. So thank you in advance for helping us do this.

A special thank you to our drop location host. We appreciate your willingness to host our CSA. 

I usually have information about the new season posted around Valentine’s Day. So keep an eye out!

If you had any special orders for November I will send out your final invoice by the 17th.

We appreciate each of you for joining us this season. I will be posting on the website and on Facebook mid-February with all the details of the 2023 Season.

CORNSTALK BUNDLES $5 bundles of 6

BULK CARROTS $1.50 min order 5#

BUNCH CARROTS  $4.00 each 

BEEFSTEAK TOMATOES $3.00 per pound (limited)

BROCCOLI $2 per pound (limited quantities)

CAULIFLOWER $2 per pound

CABBAGE $1.00 per pound

RED CABBAGE $1.20 per pound

BEETS  25 pound bag $35 or $1.50 a pound for smaller quantities



Bunch Red Beets


Icicle Radishes

Curly Parsley

Large Cauliflower

Green Cabbage

Red Cabbage

Sweet Potatoes

Beefsteak or Cherry Tomatoes



Red Bunch Beets


Icicle Radish

Curly Parsley

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