October 13th CSA Boxes and Bulk Items


REMINDER….Farm, Naselle, Long Beach and Raymond delivery day is WEDNESDAY!!!!

Astoria boxes will be delivered on Thursday. 

Special orders need to be received by 9pm Monday evening. Please EMAIL me with your special order glorybfarms.csa@gmail.com  The website is not reliable in letting me know if I have a message/comment from you. EMAIL IS BEST!

If you need to cancel your box you have until Monday night, email me at glorybfarms.csa@gmail.com . Also if you have any questions please email me.  

Projected arrival times: Remember I will contact you once the boxes have arrived via your preferred contact method. We work hard to try to be on time but life is crazy on the farm. Cows get out, tires go flat, belts break, road construction happens so please be flexible. If I know the Farmer is going to be really late I will give you a heads up as soon as I know.

Here is what you can expect in this week’s box. (Of course, if an item is on your “No” list we will substitute accordingly). NEXT WEEK BE SURE TO RETURN YOUR EMPTY BOX (folded down) and leave it at the drop location when you pick up your new box.


Farm: Cooler 11:00am-12 noon or the front porch as arranged.

Naselle 2:00, Long Beach 3pm, Raymond 4pm.

THURSDAY: Astoria: Noon 

BULK ITEMS: Please have your orders to me by Monday night. Email me your request. glorybfarms.csa@gmail.com

Corn!!! $1 ear or 12 ears for $10, Case price 48 ears for $40

Corn Stalk Bundles (for decoration) 6 stalks (6-7 feet tall) for $5

Akane Apples $1.50 per pound

Akane is useful early season apple with an unusually good balance of sweet and sharp flavors.  The flesh is firm rather than crisp, but with plenty of juice.Akane was developed in Japan in the 1930s, and represents an unusual marriage of the classic English early variety, Worcester Pearmain, and the high quality American heritage apple variety, Jonathan – and it is a marriage that works very successfully.It is better known in the USA than the UK, despite the fact that it has a very “English” flavour.

Comice Pears $2.00 per pound (Limited availability)

Comice pears range from small to large in size and have a distinctly squat shape with a large bulbous bottom and a short, well-defined neck connecting to a thick brown-green stem. The yellow-green skin is smooth with prominent lenticels or pores and may have red blushing on one side of the fruit where the sun’s rays were most direct. The skin is soft, very fragile, and bruises easily. The flesh is ivory to off-white and is silky, creamy, moist, and fine-grained. When ripe, Comice pears have buttery and very juicy texture, are highly aromatic and have an exceptionally sweet, mellow, and earthy flavor. 

Cabbage $1.00 per pound

Broccoli $2.00 per pound

Basil $12 per pound- Limited Supply -1/2 pound and full pound quanities available


Seed Dill $3 bunch


Double Corn

Green Kale

Green Beans




Slicer Cucumbers


Spaghetti Squash




Slicer Cucumbers


Spaghetti Squash

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