June 15th CSA Boxes


Here is what you can expect in your box this week (of course if an item is on your “No” list we will substitute accordingly). This week is easy: you just stop by and pick up your box. Next week you will need to bring back your box (folded down) and leave it at the drop location when you pick up your new box.

I will be posting a few recipes during the week as well. Please share any yummy recipes you have too. This is exciting!


Projected arrival times: Astoria 10am,  Farm 1:30pm, Naselle 2pm, Long Beach 3pm, Raymond 4pm.


1-2# rhubarb

2-3# red potatoes

1-2# leeks

1-2#  red beets topped

bunch of mint

bunch of dandelion green

head of leaf lettuce

garlic scape


1-2#’s  rhubarb

1-2# leeks

1-2# red beets topped

2-3# red potatoes


2 thoughts on “June 15th CSA Boxes

    • April

      Hi Sara,

      Our prices are $15/box for small share (4-6 items) and $25/box for regular share (8-12 items) if you commit to either a Full Season or a Half Season, which is 12 boxes. If you’d rather sign-up and order on a monthly basis, prices are $17/box or $27/box (for small and regular share, respectively). The difference in price has to do with the amount of labor and paperwork on our end to fulfill monthly orders versus Full/Half Season orders.

      I hope you’ll consider signing up for our CSA! Just fill out the Sign-Up and Preference Forms (links in pinned post or FAQ) and email glorybfarms.csa@gmail.com if you have any questions.

      ~Chloe (aka Veggie Girl #3)

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