How does our CSA work?


Once you complete the CSA Sign-up Form, I will send you your first invoice. 

The exact pick up location and the approximate hours during which you are expected to pick up your box will be emailed you directly as soon as we have those confirmed. We hope to have the pick up locations accessible until 7-8 pm. IMPORTANT CHANGE: Boxes will now be delivered on Wednesdays for Grays River, Naselle, Long Beach and Raymond drop locations. Astoria is the only location that will remain on the Thursday drop-off schedule. 

On delivery days, I will message you via your preferred contact to let you know the approximate ETA to your pick up location. 

You are responsible to pick up your box and leave your empty box each week. If you forget to bring back your box one week we can cover it. If you forget two weeks in a row, we could run into problems. All boxes must be returned at the end of the season. 

All times are approximate. Farming is unpredictable. We will do our best to keep to a schedule, but sometimes cows get out, tractors get stuck, vehicles break down, there’s road construction, or conversations with CSA members happen at drop locations and the Farmer has a tendency to underestimate how long things will take. (It is getting better!) 

If you you have questions or concerns about your box please email me directly at

Each week we will be posting a list of items you can expect in your box, hopefully by Sunday morning. These will appear both on Facebook and our website. We will also be posting recipes that feature items from each week’s boxes. 

If you sign up for a Full Season: After you sign up, I will email an invoice for the full amount which you can either pay online using a credit/debit card or via check. Payment must be received by June 10th. If you are unable to pay the entire amount at the beginning of the season, let us know. We can also accept 6 post-dated checks for the monthly amounts which will then be deposited at the beginning of each month. Less paperwork for us, and easier on your bank account!

If you sign up monthly: I will send out order forms for the coming month on the 20th of each month, which will be due on the 25th. After I receive your order form, I will send you an invoice for that month. (For example, on June 20th I’ll send out order forms for July. Once I’ve received the completed order forms on June 25th, within 24 hours I’ll send invoices for the July payment.) Payment must be received by the first Monday of the month. You can either pay online using a credit/debit card or via check.

If you have a last minute cancellation please email me as soon as you know. No refunds, but a credit for the amount of your box will be given for up to two boxes a season. That credit can be applied to purchasing extra strawberries, bulk items for canning, etc. Requests for an extra flat of berries or additional bulk items must be received by Sunday evening to be delivered the following Wednesday.

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