Welcome to our 2017 Season!


We are excited to be able to offer this service to Grays River, Naselle, Long Beach, South Bend/Raymond, and now Astoria!

Get certified organic, locally grown produce delivered to your area weekly — straight from the field to you! We will harvest on Wednesdays, pack up your boxes and deliver on Thursdays. No sitting around warehouses for days before being shipped to your big box store, where by the time you are able to purchase your produce it is already a week old.

The 2017 Season will run from June 15th to November 16th.

We offer either Full Season, Half Season (12 boxes) or Monthly packages. Sign up for a Regular or Small Share, depending on how many items you would like in your box.

Full Season and Half Season packages will be paying only $25/box (regular share) or $15/box (small share) with no box/membership fee. Full or Half Seasons packages must be paid in full by June 1st. We accept credit/debit cards and checks. If paying all at once is a hardship we will accept 6 post dated checks. Contact me if you are interested in this option.

Monthly packages will be $27/box (regular share) or $17/box (small share) plus there will be a onetime $30 box/membership fee. If you are a returning customer the box/membership fee is waived.

Full Season:

  • Regular Share (8-12 items) — $575, prepaid by June 1st
  • Small Share (4-6 items) — $345, prepaid by June 1st

Half Season (12 Boxes, you pick the weeks):

  • Regular Share (8-12 items) — $300, prepaid by June 1st
  • Small Share (4-6 items) — $180, prepaid by June 1st

Monthly Orders:

  • Regular Share (8-12 items) — $27/box
  • Small Share (4-6 items) — $17/box

How to sign up?

Here are the links to the sign up and preference forms. They can be filled out online and once submitted will be sent automatically to me. Once I have your forms I will email you an invoice that can be paid online, or you can mail a check if you prefer.

CSA Preference Form

If you need a link to a printable form please let me know. I will send you one directly.

If you have any questions feel free to contact us or check out our Facebook — but please take a look at our FAQ page first!

An example of a regular share box.

Packed small share box being unpacked right after pickup!


Thank you,

Tom and April Zimmerman

Spring is on the Way!


Spring is coming.

Seeds have been bought and green houses are being prepared for spring planting. Potting soil is being mixed with the Farmer’s secret recipe and as soon as the ground dries out enough tilling will commence!

We are gearing up for our 2017 CSA Season! So be on the look out for updates toward the end of March.

We are planning to add Astoria to our route this year.

If you are in the Astoria area we are looking for a drop spot for our CSA.  It needs to be centrally located. Accessible to our CSA customers from drop off until about 8 or 9pm. A covered porch or carport so the veggies don’t cook in the sun or drown in the rain.  Send me an email or Facebook message and we can discuss the details.

Planting has begun!


Counting down the days to Spring!